Play Auditions Sign Up: Nov 6 and Nov 8
Calling all actors:  Auditions are set for RHMSs spring 2018 play. All interested actors must audition the evenings of Nov. 6 & 8, 2017, at RHMS. Check out our play program page for more information about audition sign ups, instructions and more. This was a very popular program last year. ... read full article

Redmond School Pool - month of October and May
   By walking, biking, carpooling, or riding the school bus we're reducing neighborhood traffic congestion, local air pollution, and providing our students with a safe way to get to school. How SchoolPool Works 1.  Pick up a Paper Calendar! Students will receive a paper calendar to keep track of their SchoolPool trips-hang on to it for the whole month! 2. Take a Trip! Each week, students are encouraged to take at least one walking, biking, carpool or bus trip to school.  When they do take a non-drive trip to or from school, students mark their calendar & have an adult ... read full article

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Dine Out @ Tres Hermanos - Thursday, Oct 19th
Hey what's for dinner?? Panic sets in.  Everyone is tired and hungry and you have no idea what to fix?  We can help.  Learn more

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